Visually Captivating and Engaging Content

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Creative Direction

Allow me to handle location scouting, equipment, and the logistics required to bring your vision to life!

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Post Production/Editing

The edit is where the project comes together and really takes form! I strive to produce the best possible product with the video and images I’ve captured.


Social Media Management and Advertising

Instagram and Facebook’s full power is utilized when your content is in front of your customers on a daily basis. I also have experience running ad campaigns to accomplish specific goals for your business on these platforms.

Location shouldn’t limit your vision! Give me an excuse to travel.

Some Companies I’ve Worked With:

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What’s Your Idea?

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Some Of My Videos


This is your primary and most powerful piece of marketing

My videos strive to deliver an experience; to leave the viewer with a feeling, a craving, an emotion

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Some Of My Photos


High quality, stunning visuals are necessary for any website or Instagram feed

I love capturing people, clothing, and accessories with portraits, or showing off the fine details up close

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